Saxo bank crypto

saxo bank crypto

This will offer them the chance to not only survive, but to prosper. The fintech scene is in an early stage in Romania, the Saxo Bank analysis shows, compared to Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, for instance.

However, the appetite of the clients for such services is high, the survey argues.

saxo bank crypto

Romania poised for a new fintech revolution In a country like Romania, where, from a historic point of view, bank commissions have been among the largest in the region, the prospects for banks that offer alternative and efficient digital services from the point of view of costs for the young generation are very good, the study argues.

It is up to the banks to set up the pace of the change. Whether they admit it or not, they must change their mentality and to start to see digitalisation as an opportunity rather than a threat.

saxo bank crypto

Moreover, saxo bank crypto ompanies must understand that, in order to be viable and profitable, they cannot disrupt the entire value chain of banks. For banks and fintech companies, the saxo bank crypto is to collaborate and the cost of not collaborating will make the difference between survival and success. Although they are a new concept for Romania, brand collaborators are embedded in the evolution of financial services, the report shows.

Posted on decembrie 08,am 27 mins Saxo Bank a lansat azi previziunile scandaloase pentru Este un exercițiu de analiză a tot ceea este posibil — chiar dacă nu sunt neapărat probabil — și deosebit de relevant în contextul crizei neașteptate din acest an: Covid Inevitabil, rezultatele care se dovedesc cele mai perturbatoare și, prin urmare, șocante sunt cele care reprezintă o surpriză pentru consens. Pur și simplu, traumele din ne arată că, înviitorul este acum.

Laurentiu Nedelcu, CEE manager at Saxo Bitcoin markets chart, which is the author of the report, believes that the next wave of the fintech evolution will be centred on the natural interactions with technology and we want to identify the ways to ride this kind of trend.

All directions point towards AI, which will take central stage in the future, the report argues.

saxo bank crypto

It remains to be seen what saxo bank crypto switch to digital will bring on the financial scene of the country, but it will likely lead to the cut of costs for the consumer after the cut and elimination of cuts born by the financial services, as well as to increased comfort.

The young generation in Romania is familiarised and open towards fintech, so it is a matter of time before it becomes the norm.