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  4. The main task of the malware, which, according to initial reports, has infected 11, computers across the world, was to steal data from infected computers — until it was discovered.
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We named the threat Mandrake as the actor s behind it used names of toxic plants, or other botanical references, for major development branches: e. Only recently did the threat actor change its name to darkmatter.

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Mandrake is well developed and has a comprehensive 4-year track record: New features have constantly been pushed into production, while others have been deprecated. Bugs are constantly being ironed out and, overall, the malware framework is swarming with activity.

Considering bitcoin stealer download complexity of the spying platform, Bitdefender experts assume that every attack is targeted individually, executed with surgical precision and manual rather than automated. Weaponization would take place after a period of total monitoring of the device and victim.

The attacker has access to data such as device preferences, address book and messages, screen recording, device usage and inactivity times, and can obviously paint a pretty accurate picture of the victim, and their whereabouts.

bitcoin stealer download

The malware has complete control of the device: it can turn down the volume of the phone and block calls or messages, steal credentials, exfiltrate information, to money transfers and blackmailing. It can conduct phishing attacks, by loading a webpage and injecting a specially crafted JavaScript code to retrieve all data from input forms.

bitcoin stealer download

This threat can easily defeat two-factor authentication 2FA codes that some banks send to prevent fraud. In particular, Australia seems to be highly targeted. We estimate the number of victims in the tens of thousands bitcoin stealer download the current wave, and probably hundreds of thousands throughout the full 4-year period.

bitcoin stealer download

We can also extrapolate that every victim of Mandrake has most probably been exposed to some form of data theft.