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Termeni și condiții de utilizare V3. Pentru a citi varianta în limba engleză, click aici.

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The provider and operator of the Tokero Platform is Globe Monnaie SRL, a limited liability company incorporated and existing in accordance with the laws of Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under no. Brazda lui Novac, nr. Acceptance of the agreement Before creating an account in the Platform, you must have read and accepted the Terms of service by clicking on the "I have read and agreed to the Terms of service" button.

If you do not agree to abide by the Terms of service, as set forth below, you will not be able to use the Platform and you will not be able to use and access the Services provided by Tokero. All interactions with the users on the Platform are subject to these Terms of service. By accepting the Terms of service, you expressly agree with the general obligations, representations and warranties, as well as the provisions regarding the characteristics of the Services and the risks involved, liability and limitations, termination, applicable law and assignment, set out under Sections 4, 7, 8, bitcoin best platform trading and 10 of these Terms of service.

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Duration of the agreement This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated as provided under these Terms of service. Further questions Please contact the Company if you have any questions with regard to this agreement. Changes to the Terms of service Any new features or tools developed in the Platform will also be subject to these Terms of service.

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Tokero may amend the Terms of service from time to time as needed, including as a result of future regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency field or as a result of changes in legislation, and transparently announce the updates on the Platform, without providing an individual notice to each user, except otherwise stated herein. The updated version of the Terms of service shall come into effect immediately and automatically upon being announced on the Platform insofar these have been made as a result of changes in the legislation or regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency field.

The users will be informed about the changes related bitcoin best platform trading the applicable fees on the Platform within 30 days prior becoming applicable and the users will have the possibility to accept or to not accept the amendment.

In the latter case, they will not be able to use the Services available on the Platform.

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Other changes will be announced on the Platform in advance of their application. If you do not agree to the relevant amendment, you shall immediately stop using the Platform or the Services.

If you auto trading bot crypto using Tokero Services, either you shall be deemed as having accepted the updated version of the Terms of service or you have accepted expressly, depending on the type of change.

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Eligibility bitcoin best platform trading for personal account users If you are registering to use a personal account, you bitcoin best platform trading that you are an individual over 18 years of age, with full capacity to use and exercise the civil rights existing under the applicable laws of your jurisdiction. Eligibility criteria for corporate account users If you are registering to use the Services on behalf of a legal entity, with a corporate account, you confirm that: i such entity is a legal person or other organization duly incorporated and validly existing under the applicable laws of its jurisdiction of incorporation; and ii you are duly authorized by such legal entity to act on its behalf.

Further eligibility criteria applicable to all users Additional eligibility requirements are applicable to all users, either registered with a personal account or with a corporate account, as follows: You hereby confirm that you studied and bitcoin best platform trading how to use the Platform and the Services, all the risks related to the bitcoin best platform trading market and to the specific cryptocurrency bitcoin best platform trading decide to trade through the Platform.

Tokero may restrict the access to the Platform and to the Services to individuals located in other jurisdictions as well, on the grounds of the existence of bitcoin semnale de tranzacționare local regulatory framework. You hereby confirm that any and all personal data declared for the registration on the Platform and during the use of the Platform are correct, accurate, up-to-date and true.

Except as expressly permitted by the Terms of service, you hereby confirm that you will not act as an intermediary, broker or trustee of any kind for any person and that you will not allow access of any kind to your account to any person other than yourself.

Registration and Account Type of accounts In order to use the Tokero Services, all users must register on the Platform and open an account, providing all information required. The Company may refuse, at its discretion, to open an account for a user.

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The Platform has two types of accounts: personal account — registered by individuals, and corporate account — registered by legal entities. General requirements You agree to provide complete and accurate information when opening the account and agree to timely update any information you provide to Tokero, to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information.

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You shall accurately fill in and timely update your email address, telephone number, contact address, postal code and other contact information, so that Tokero will be able to effectively contact you. You shall be solely and fully responsible for any loss or extra expenses incurred during the use of Tokero Service if you cannot be contacted through this contact information.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that you have the obligation to keep your contact information effective and to take actions as required by Tokero if there is any change or update.

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User verification Regardless of the type of account the user will open on the Platform, the Bitcoin best platform trading will perform several checks in order to comply with anti-money laundering legal requirements, including as regards the know your client KYC obligations.

An individual can have only one personal account. The information required to register an account are: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, copy of an identification bitcoin best platform trading passport or identity carda document revealing the bank account number IBAN having the user as an account holder and that will be used for deposits or withdrawals bank account statement or a print screen from the bank app revealing the name and the IBAN of the usera picture of the user holding the identification document and an individual code provided by the Company for identification purposes.

In order to create the account, the user will set a secure password that meets the following security requirements: both lowercase and uppercase letters, one or more digits, some form of special sign and bitcoin best platform trading be at least 8 characters long. You shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping of your Tokero account and password and you shall be responsible bitcoin best platform trading all activities under your log-in email, Tokero account and password.

Registration of a corporate account The corporate account can be held by a legal entity duly incorporated and validly existing under the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of its organization, provided that the eligibility criteria are met Section 2 above and the steps for registering are the following: Register a personal account in the Platform as per Section 3.

Please note: These documents must be provided either in English or Romanian language. You can set dedicated corporate account permissions for each of these persons. In such cases, Tokero will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss and any adverse consequences resulting therefrom will be borne by you. The Services The Platform serves as a platform for cryptocurrency trading that can be performed either online or physically at the Crypto Spots partners.

Termeni și condiții de utilizare | Tokero

As detailed under Section 3 above, users must register and create an account with Tokero and deposit cryptocurrency into their account prior to trading. The users may, subject to the conditions set forth in these Terms of service, apply for the withdrawal of the cryptocurrency stored into their account.

The users are fully independent and accountable for the decisions they take and for the trading actions they have on the Platform. Tokero does not provide trading, investment or consulting advice of any kind and it is not accountable for the use of the Platform. All users of the Platform and of the Services must understand the risks involved by cryptocurrency trading, subject to volatile market price movements, and are recommended to exercise prudence and trade responsibly within their own capabilities.

The Platform serves merely as a venue of transactions, but Tokero cannot control the quality, security or legality of the coin involved in any transaction, truthfulness or accuracy of the transaction information, or capacity of the parties to any transaction to perform its obligations under the transaction documents. You shall cautiously make judgment on your own on the truthfulness, legality and effectiveness of the coin and information in question and undertake oanda btc trading liabilities and losses that may be caused thereby.

Tokero may, at bitcoin best platform trading sole discretion and without liability to you, with prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our Services. The following Services may be accessed on the Platform: Crypto-to-fiat trading and fiat-to-crypto trading Upon properly registering on the Platform, the users may conduct cryptocurrency trading on the Platform with the observance of these Terms of service, as they may be updated from time to time.

The Company informs the users through its Platform about bitcoin best platform trading cryptocurrencies that can be traded e.

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The transactions Services on the Platform are subject to fees. The user is presented with the applicable fees before entering the transaction.

The acceptance of the Terms of service and the confirmation of the transaction constitutes agreement to pay all such applicable fees. The user will not be charged with any such fees in the unlikely event bitcoin best platform trading transaction is rejected for any reason. The Company guarantees that the fees before entering the transaction will remain applicable for that specific transaction.

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Tokero may update from time to time the applicable fees. Whether the users do not agree with the updated fees, they have the possibility to withdraw their funds held on the Platform before the updated fees will become bitcoin dog. When the funds invested by the user are transferred to the Tokero Platform, the user will receive an information email.

If the IBAN is identified, it is assigned automatically. If not, the user will receive instructions for loading the bank account statement.

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The processing time of an order placed by the user can be instantly or even up to 4 banking days, usually 2 two banking days average. The difference has grounds on the time required for specific checks on anti-money laundering legal provisions.

In cases where the name on the payment order does not match the name of the Tokero account holder, the amount will not be credited to the balance.

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The user will receive an email with instructions for resolving the situation, but the time to resolve depends on the solution the bitcoin atm gatineau will choose, and the number of attempts required to succeed.

The user acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for any delay in processing the transfer of the funds by the bank institution or for any rejection of such transfer, as well as the user understands that in such case the Company will not be able to process the order until the funds are not properly transferred to bitcoin best platform trading accounts. The payment will be performed through the secured web page of the payment services provider or a payment link will be generated by the payment services provider, for the purpose of processing the credit card payment.

The Company does not undertake any responsibility regarding the payment method, nor about the payment processing, for which the entire legal, technical and operational liability is incumbent on the payment services provider.

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The credit card details for performing the payment will be received directly by the payment services provider and the Company will not access, store or save data regarding the credit card you may decide to use for payments.