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The intensifying global war on cash is destined to give the government more control over your money than ever. Evidence that most of the world's governments are working toward a " cashless society " has mounted over the past couple of years.

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The latest government to launch a major assault in the global war on cash was India. Crowds of citizens line up at a bank in Narvar-Shivpuri, India, on Nov. Modi gave his citizens until the end of to exchange the old banknotes — now no longer spendable — for new ones.

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But there was a shortage of the new bills. People were waiting in long lines at ATMs and bank branches, often to be disappointed as supplies of the new banknotes ran out.

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Still, those folks are better off than the 16 million Indians who live overseas. They had no way of exchanging their now-worthless rupee notes unless they could get back to India.

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Many lost the equivalent of thousands of dollars. This sudden, unexpected strike in the war on cash has been a nightmare for the people of India.

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And not only could it happen here — bitcoin atm baltimore practically inevitable… The U. It's very much like what India bitcoin atm baltimore doing now. Other Western democracies, such as France, Spain, and Italy, all have reduced the maximum allowed cash transactions in the past couple of years.

This requirement is a key part of the war on cash, as it both discourages large cash transactions while giving government another tool to monitor citizens' financial activities.

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You might not be able to cash a check when you have plenty of money in your account. Or worse… your bank could take your deposited cash and convert it to shares of stock in that bank," Gilani said.

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